Broterhood of the Crucifixion of The Lord

Founded in 1928 (Refounded in 1969 and 1995).

Titular Sculpture: El Señor en su Crucifixión

Sculptor: Rafael Grafiá y José Vicente Grafiá (2003)

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Founded in 1928, this brotherhood participated in the processions until 1931. The first re-founding took place in 1960, although it did not take part in the processions until 1969, and it was dissolved in 1978. The second re-foundation took place in 1995, and it started participating in the Maritime Holy Week processions in 1996.

Its own events are the Procession of Holy Saturday, the Day of the Brotherhood, and the Procession of Retreat, which takes place on Holy Wednesday at night. Its float represents the moment of the Crucifixion composed of four figures. This work of Rafael and José Luis Grafiá was blessed and was shown for the first time in the procession of Holy Saturday of 2003. It is carried by people since 2009, becoming the first Brotherhood of the Maritime Holy Week that participates in the procession this way

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