Brotherhood of the Holy Silence and the True Cross

Founded in 1928.

Titular Sculpture: Cruz Relicario con Reliquia del “Lignum Crucis”

Sculptor: Anónimo (1951)

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In 1951 the bishopric of Assisi (Italy) granted the Brotherhood the relic of the “Lignum Crucis” (a fragment of the cross of Jesus Christ), which the entity takes out in procession in all its acts. This relic is placed inside a Cross-shaped reliquary. Depending on the kind of procession, the Reliquary is sometimes carried by hand by brothers and devotees, while other times it is placed on the throne.

The titular sculpture leads the blessing and procession of palms on the morning of Palm Sunday. Likewise, in Good Friday afternoon, at the end of the solemn “In morte Domini” liturgy, the Holy True Cross of the Brotherhood receives devotion.

Offices of the Junta Mayor Semana Santa Marinera de València

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