Grenadier’s Guild of Our Lady of Sorrows

Founded in the 19th century (Refounded in 1988).

Titular Sculpture: Nuestra Señora de los Dolores

Sculptor: Carlos Román y Vicente Salvador (1943)

Brotherhoods -> Parish of Santa Maria del Mar -> Grenadier’s Guild of Our Lady of Sorrows

In 2013 the image of Our Lady of Sorrows was canonically crowned, and the canopy was blessed as well. On the occasion of this act an extraordinary procession was celebrated with the sculpture being carried on the shoulders by her men of throne, in the same way it is done every Friday of Sorrows through the streets of Grao. The canopy was made by Piró Goldsmiths and the Glory of the canopy, which is an allegory of the Most Holy Christ of Grao, was made by José Vicente Cifre. In addition, the Sunday closest to September 15 a hand-kissing ceremony of Our Lady of Sorrows takes place at the Church Saint Maria del Mar.

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