Royal Brotherhood of the Flagellation of The Lord

Founded in 1927 (re-founded in 2007).

Titular Sculpture: Jesús atado en la Columna en el momento de la Flagelación

Sculptor: Carlos Román y Vicente Salvador (1946)

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Ascribed to the Parish of Saint Maria del Mar, it was founded at the beginning of 1927 and stopped appearing on the processions in 1952, after the well-known “Grao Schism”. It was re-established on October 9, 2007, and admitted to the General Assembly in June, 2008.

The Presentation Eucharist is celebrated on Saturday of Sorrows, which ends with a procession through the streets of the parish. On the night of Holy Monday the Procession of Recollection takes place, in which the titular sculpture is accompanied in prayer. The banner was made by Angelita Suay Workshop and was blessed on October 9, 2016.

The titular sculpture, Jesus tied to the Column of the Flagellation, was made in 1946 by Carlos Romбn and Vicente Salvador.

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