Royal Grenadier’s Guild of the Virgin Solitude

Founded in 1882 (Refounded in 1908).

Titular Sculpture: Virgen de la Soledad

Sculptor: José María Ponsoda

Brotherhoods -> Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary -> Royal Grenadier’s Guild of the Virgin Solitude

Since the previous one was destroyed during the Civil War, the new sculpture of the Grenadier’s Guild of The Virgin of Solitude was blessed in 1941. In 1968 a new mantle was made and the sculpture was crowned. The Centenary of the Brotherhood was celebrated in 1982. In 2007, on the occasion of its 125th Anniversary, the King and Queen of Spain were named Clavarios of Honour. The 75th Anniversary of the Titular Sculpture was celebrated in 2017. That same year, the Royal House granted the title “Royal Brotherhood” to the entity, which was renamed Royal Brotherhood of Grenadiers of The Virgin of Solitude.

Offices of the Junta Mayor Semana Santa Marinera de València

Cl. Rosario, 3 | 46011 Valencia (España)

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


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