Brotherhood of The Most Holy Christ the Saviour and Protection

Founded in 1943.

Titular Sculpture: Santísimo Cristo del Salvador y del Amparo

Sculptor: Francisco Teruel Francés (1943)

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The Brotherhood took part for the first time in the procession on Palm Sunday in 1944. Its titular sculpture unites the devotion to Christ the Saviour, venerated in Trinitarios Street, and the devotion to Our Lady of the Defenceless, patroness of Valencia, who was enthroned among staves and banners in 1969. It has two handcrafted chiselled banners, the work of the goldsmith David, as well as a cross “In Memoriam” that heads the procession of The Holy Burial, in which the names of the deceased members are recorded. Its titular sculpture has a facsimile, made to scale by the sculptor Carlos Román in 1975, which the members of the Brotherhood display in their homes. It should also be noted that the Brotherhood was a pioneer in praying for the deceased on the shores of the sea with its titular sculpture. The meeting with the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ the Saviour is a highlight of its programme.

Offices of the Junta Mayor Semana Santa Marinera de València

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