Brotherhoof of the Most Holy Christ of The Saviour

Founded in 1851.

Titular Sculpture: Cristo del Salvador

Sculptor: José Estellés, intervenido por Carmelo Vicent y José Rodríguez (1942)

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Founded in 1851, it is one of the oldest brotherhoods participating in the Maritime Holy Week of Valencia.

The Brotherhood, accompanied by many devotees, take their titular sculpture to the shore of the beach to pray for the deceased on Good Friday morning. Their penitent costume has always been austere. From its foundation until 1928 it consisted of a black tail tunic and a sash with allegorical motifs of the Passion embroidered in gold. It was traditional that on Easter Sunday those participating in the procession wore “albes”, a kind of white tunic with starched lace.

The titular sculpture is moved on Palm Sunday afternoon to the home of the member of the brotherhood that has been granted the honour of housing it that Holy Week. The brotherhood also organizes a Via Crucis on Holy Tuesday night, in which a Guiding Cross displays the names all the deceased within the fraternity. On Holy Wednesday, they carry out a procession with the sculpture of the Reclining Christ.

Offices of the Junta Mayor Semana Santa Marinera de València

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