Brotherhoof of Tunics of the Holy Christ of the Wise Choice

Founded in 1872.

Titular Sculpture: Santísimo Cristo del Buen Acierto

Sculptor: Inocencio Cuesta (1942)

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The first titular sculpture was destroyed in 1936, during the Spanish Civil War. The Brotherhood stopped taking part in the processions during the war and started participating again in 1940, this time uninterrupted, to the present day. In 1946 the sculptural group that accompanies the Christ in the Parish was made and can be found in the chapel that gives access to the belfry.

The Brotherhood performs a mass on Palm Sunday and then transfers the sculpture of Christ to the private homes of some members of the brotherhood or to its community premises. It also takes part on the procession on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. One of the peculiarities of this Brotherhood is that the sculpture of Christ is carried by members of the brotherhood and followers by holding it against their chests. The Meeting of the Risen Christ with his Mother is celebrated on Easter Sunday.

Offices of the Junta Mayor Semana Santa Marinera de València

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